Happy Pig

Completely free range

Our pigs enjoy a decent life. They are born outside in insulated huts and live in the fields for their entire life. In summer they bathe in mud wallows to protect themselves from the sun. In winter we provide deep beds of clean straw for them to bury themselves in to keep warm. Plenty of fresh air and exercise helps to keep our pigs healthy and reduces the need for medication.

Local to you and small scale

Our pigs are on top of the South Downs near Brighton. If you live in the South East, Plantation Pigs is your most local producer of high quality, free range pork. We believe in supporting local, independent retailers. Many of the best independent butchers and farm shops in London and the South East stock our pork. For details of your nearest outlet email or call us.


All our pigs are Duroc/Hampshire crosses. These breeds confer great qualities on the pork making it succulent and tender. Importantly, these pigs can also withstand the heat of a summer's day and cold winter nights outside. The combination of traditional, slow-growing breeds, a healthy outdoor lifestyle and safe nutritious food produces fine pork with a superior flavour.