Hugh with pigs

The first free range pork farmer 

Plantation Pigs is a family business run by Hugh Norris and nephew Paddy. Our goal has always been to produce the finest quality pork from pigs that enjoy a natural, free range life.

In the 1980s intensive indoor pig rearing was the norm. Despite widespread scepticism from those in the industry, Hugh was determined to put animal welfare first. In 1987 he became the first farmer in the UK to use a completely free range system to rear his pigs on a commercial scale. Once butchers tried his unique pork he never looked back. The cherished free range pork movement we now take for granted was born.

His great success was to prove that not only is it possible to make a living from rearing pigs more humanely, but that, guess what, the meat actually tastes better. Today Plantation Pigs continues to be associated with compassionate animal husbandry and pork of the highest quality and consistency. We doubt you will find tastier meat. Always look for the Plantation Pigs brand.


Pork, lamb and beef: they do them all with consistently high quality.


H.G Walter, Master Butcher